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Antonio Rossetti
Arbasi Ettore


  • Parking for 40-50 tank vehicles.
    4 cleaning bays; separate bay for food, including filtering and sterilising equipment.
  • 12 high-pressure pumps supply 9 + 2 motor-driven spinners with cold and hot water (95C). Pressure up to 200 bars and flow rate up to 150 l/min. 3 pumps for special detergents.
  • 1 diathermic-oil thermal generator (output power: 3.5 million Kcal/h).
    1 evaporator or blower to inject steam, sterilise and heat the tanks.
  • 12 cleaning points with nozzles - 6 taps for steam hoses - Various Detergents – Flushing.
  • 1 Suction system for toxic/malodorous fumes. Piping system to the damping stack .
  • 1 Ventilator for drying with dehumidified, hot air.
    2 Closed-cycle systems for pre-cleaning.
  • 2 industrial computers for cleaning-cycle and wastewater drainage control. Workstations are interfaced with a network of PCs running under Windows operating system to print out cleaning certificates and fiscal documents.
  • Insurance policy with a primary Italian company for damage caused to third parties.

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